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Update: Recital & Costume Fees

All students are expected to participate in our annual recital. This is an exciting and rewarding experience when students can demonstrate their talents and abilities.  It helps to develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.  Fees are as follows:


  • $45 for single child
  • $70 for families with more than one child


  • $65 per costume
  • $80 for costumes (Pre Ballet/Tap and Ballet/Tap Combo Classes)
  • $115 for 3 costumes (Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Classes)

Recital fees will be automatically posted onto accounts for the month of November. Costumes will only be ordered for those students whose fees have been paid in full.  Late fees will be charged. If you have questions or need to make different arrangements please speak with Miss Karen or Miss Ellen.

Join us in Austin for the Tremaine Dance Convention!

Competition teams are heading to Austin December 5th and 6th for the Tremaine Dance Convention and Competition. This is a great opportnity for all dancers! If you're interested in attending please email us or speak with your instructor. 



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